We produce our whole ++ family collection by knitting technique in our facilities.
Even tough our socks are heavily patterned; we prefer the knitting technique since it is more healthy and natural than print production.
We can’t underrate and just say our socks are made from cotton! Unbelievably, there are so many kinds of it in terms of quality. For ++ family we have two milestones, design and quality. That’s why we are combining combed cotton with the covered Lycra for our socks, which are selected caringly from Italy. With combed cotton socks are becoming much more softer and breathable. With the covered Lycra feet is fitting better and becoming suitable for longer uses.
Of course, during all these processes our facility is producing environmentally sensitive. Our manufacturing process held in Istanbul with factories that have eco-factory certificates. We care for environment and people as much as we care our ++ family.