Our designs.


With our designs we aim for Brave and Special. Cool and Unique. Fresh and Inspiring.


We position Socks Plus Plus as good quality accessories that reflect your lifestyle. Unlike the socks you hide under your trousers all day long, the plus plus are the items you wear proudly.


What does the "plus plus" stand for?


Well, we have two categories. In the first collection the two plus signs symbolize an unmatching pair of socks completing each other in great harmony. More on, in the second collection the signs indicate inspiring designs for those who are willing to reflect their soul freely.


The quality.


Please be ensured that we use the best quality, long lasting and breathable material in our products. We also follow every step of the manufacturing process very closely. Most importantly, during this we care for the environment.


As we always say. Style is hidden in details and details DO matter. Today make a brave move and free your soul.