The Case of ‘Designed Accidentally’

Posted on July 12 2017

Socks are worn almost every day except for the really hot summer days.

But generally people prefer the invisible ones or basic and classic models, but why?

Why are we hiding socks?

Why do we prefer plain, classic colours and patterns?

Don’t our feet have the right to get a little coloured while we are standing up on them all day?

They shouldn’t be bored in your shoes all day. You must add colour and add fun to them!

While we creating our socks we want to add colour to your life.

We dreamed of "Creating socks that you want to show proudly all the time."


Of course there should be an answer of the question ‘Where are the socks are designed?’too.

As everyone knows, it is such a debate and there are tons of brands that are using "Designed in Italy", "Made in USA" kind of sayings for marketing event tough it is not true. Of course, there isn’t a word to say to those who really do, but it isn’t changing the fact that who are doing these as tricky marketing strategies.


For design, when it comes to us, we are inspired from the streets, subcultures and fed by the harmony of the disharmony. We love the street art and graffiti. Our socks designed by the minds that are filled with fun and enthusiasm.

++ Family’s designs are from creative minds. That’s why we didn’t prefer to narrow down ourselves with a country or a city for design. We can be anywhere in anytime!

So, when you buy socks from us, don’t be surprised when you see "Designed Accidentally". ☺


Welcome to the world of socks that designed accidentally! Bon appétit!

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