More than a pair of socks, ‘The ++ story’

Posted on July 12 2017

How can one ‘+’ sign can be enough for us when our subject is socks?

We are always dreaming to become more than a pair of socks while building up ++.

At the all processes of our socks, we are having fun and being happy.

We are enjoying every moment of it.

Our dream is you to feel the same way when you wear Socks ++.

Here is about, having fun and sharing.

Here is the new way of expressing your self more powerful with details.

Socks are the best details of your outfit and details are everything.


While dreaming all this, we are especially careful to have a genderless attitude.

These socks are for everyone, not for a man or a woman. They are just with sizes.

Everyone should be able to choose which design theywant, don’t they?

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